LPE establishes Penn State as the leader of educational and research opportunities at the intersections of engineering, law, and policy. As a driving force in this emerging field, LPE works to foster partnerships and collaborative efforts between Penn State, its colleges and campuses, industry professionals, and other higher education institutions to impact the world and address major societal issues.

Internal Partnerships

College of Engineering, Penn State Law, and the School of International Affairs

Solutions to many of society's largest problems lie at the interface between engineering, law, and policy. The established partnership between the College of Engineering, Penn State Law, and the School of International Affairs to offer the Law, Policy, and Engineering initiative is the first comprehensive approach of its kind. 

Penn State PIT Alliance

The Penn State PIT Alliance is an internal interdisciplinary academic network managed by the Law, Policy, and Engineering initiative (LPE) seeking to bring together efforts across the commonwealth working in public interest technology (PIT), highlight PIT related activities at Penn State, and create an academic community to foster interdisciplinary collaborations. Faculty, students, and staff who join the Penn State PIT Alliance will receive information on collaborative initiatives and funding opportunities, including participating in the members-only annual PIT-UN Network Challenge managed by New America. The Network Challenge supports funding proposals for the development of new curricular offerings, experiential learning activities, or to complete research in PIT. Also, as a member institution, Penn State faculty, students, and staff can participate in the annual PIT-UN convening, where member institutions share research and best practices.


External Partnerships


Penn State has joined the Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN), a public interest technology partnership managed by New America focused on fostering collaborations between colleges and universities committed to growing the public interest technology field and educating the next generation of civic-minded technology experts.


Advisory Board

LPE plans to establish a strong advisory board to assist in guiding the initiative's intellectual direction and program offerings. 



The Law, Policy, and Engineering (LPE) initiative is an interdisciplinary academic and research initiative between Penn State's College of Engineering, Penn State Law, and Penn State's School of International Affairs. The initiative will provide a transformative educational experience for students by actively integrating components of all three disciplines into the curriculum to prepare students for the competitive, interdisciplinary, global workplaces of the future. 

Law, Policy, and Engineering Initiative

The Pennsylvania State University

Engineering Design and Innovation Building

University Park, PA 16802