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Law, Policy, and Engineering

Interdisciplinary education and research at the forefront of societal needs

Penn State’s strategic plan aims to impact the world through solutions-oriented approaches to major societal issues; many of which lie at the interface between engineering, law, and policy. Penn State Law at University Park, the College of Engineering, and the School of International Affairs propose an innovative and ambitious set of new degrees, certificates and courses, and interdisciplinary research and scholarly collaborations that will propel the University to national and international leadership—its Law, Policy, and Engineering (LPE) initiative.

To date, no other university has developed a comprehensive approach bringing together the disciplines of law, policy, and engineering. The initiative will provide students with new cross-disciplinary perspectives and tools required to solve complex multidisciplinary problems and address societal changes. Penn State is uniquely situated to lead this emerging area due to its internationally-recognized engineering programs and research, and an interdisciplinary collaborative nature among Penn State Law at University Park and the School of International Affairs. 

The LPE initiative is administratively housed within the College of Engineering’s School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs (SEDTAPP) and is a strategic collaborative effort between the law, policy, and engineering disciplines to meet Penn State’s mission of impacting the world as a land-grant public research university and driver of innovation and economic development.

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The Law, Policy, and Engineering (LPE) initiative is an interdisciplinary academic and research initiative between Penn State's College of Engineering, Penn State Law, and Penn State's School of International Affairs. The initiative will provide a transformative educational experience for students by actively integrating components of all three disciplines into the curriculum to prepare students for the competitive, interdisciplinary, global workplaces of the future. 

Law, Policy, and Engineering Initiative

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